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August 10, 2022


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Are you head of marketing, promoting a large company in Philadelphia? Do you run a small but growing coffee shop near the Kimmel Center? Perhaps your organization wants to highlight the plight of the homeless in Philadelphia and only Philly SEO experts have what it takes to bring your vision to fruition.

What Is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, gets companies, charities, and other agencies seen on the internet. Clients use the web to find things. A search engine, like Google or Bing, goes in search of items relating to terms like “Philly Coffee Shop” or “Homeless, Pennsylvania” and lists results. The items are listed in order of their relevance and ranking by the search engine. Optimizing your chances of being number one or at least on the first page is what SEO is all about.

Why SEO Philly?

What does it matter if your company runs SEO services from Philadelphia or Pittsburgh? The company is still based within the state. Wilmington, Delaware is actually closer, though; would that do? In some instances, local SEO doesn’t make any difference, but clients seeking to optimize their presence on the internet have learned the value of a team that knows the area where they live and where most of their customers come from.

Appealing to the Locals

Using local talent, buying goods from stores in your town, and even purchasing goods made within the state: those are becoming major trends. They can’t be ignored. Consumers are trying to reduce the unemployment and the environmental impact of imported purchases and exotic goods by relying on what is made and grown closer to home. It doesn’t always work, but when much of a community shares the same attitude, this can mean big things for responsible organizations.

Where the needs of vulnerable groups are concerned, only those closest to home really know the meaningfulness of a topic; of concerns that many people in Philadelphia face. Either they are needy, or they know someone who is; a child requiring pediatric support or someone suffering from mental illness.

Local SEO knows how to reach the public that matters to their clients. International businesses reaching a global audience still benefit from local services, but home-grown industry and enterprise understand its importance best.

What Can Philadelphia SEO Do for Your Company?

What is the job of a Search Engine Optimization expert anyway? How does a professional get people to position #1 of a search? He starts with keywords, and one of those keywords might be “Philadelphia” or just “Philly” as the city is affectionately known by the people who call Philadelphia “home.”

Keyword Search

Keywords are the words which clients use to search for something. They are also phrases or short sentences, usually incomplete sentences, which only feature the main words: “Philadelphia Veterinarian” or “Day Care Services Philly.” An expert uses analytical tools to determine which words are being used most frequently for the time being; they change regularly and there is usually a list of common choices. No single set of keywords or phrases is enough to suit all searches. Local companies recommend using the city name in keywords so that specific searches in that area will lead to a business. A search engine won’t omit a particular city’s results from a search for “women’s watches” or “water color paintings for sale” if the rest of the search terms are met, but if a search is specified, results without the correct city name turn up much later in results; maybe page 27.

Keyword Placement

The words an SEO professional discovers have to be placed somewhere, in what the industry knows as “content.” Anything that contains these words is content including picture captions, social media posts, blog writings, and product descriptions from internet shopping catalogs. Someone within a business or organization is usually qualified to write this content, but if not, a professional can be hired to do it and to continue adding content regularly. On-site writers might instead benefit from training as to how they make the most of the writings pertaining to their business and leading readers to their website and services or products.

Social Media Mania

It is possible to make too much of social media, and many people do. They use it to replace real friends and society. Businesses, however, must make the most of this tool. It is a way of creating original content. Search engines are counting how many times they encounter a company’s keywords and business name on the internet. Every original item counts as one “hit” while duplicates actually hurt ratings. In order to find ways of naturally increasing content for engines to find, businesses have to spread out and use Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube. They increase their content by writing little blurbs or responding to what followers say on these pages. A caption, promotion, or conversation can become an opportunity to insert keywords.

Relationships Online

Companies make good use of backlinks to increase their exposure as well. More people find you if your website is listed in other places besides your own advertising. When other firms can be encouraged to post your link, and you do the same in return, search engines find more “hits, ” and this increases the chances of being found by accident too. Related businesses improve each other’s chances of discovery when they make this exchange. For instance, a book store could advertise a link for someone offering book restoration services. The latter individual would advertise this book store on his website. If the book restorer was advertised on a page selling infant formula, both firms would lose points for the randomness of this connection. Software helps SEO professionals locate all the backlinks associated with a company so this client can remove some if they are featured on penalized sites.

SEO Professionals

Call a professional in Philly, for example:, and this person can do all of the above and more. Gain insight and learn to do much of the work yourself in order to save money. Hire an expert, increase exposure, and improve the amount of traffic on your site. This will eventually turn into bigger profits or more donations to your charity.