August 10, 2022


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Regardless of the competition present from video games along with increased urbanization and other similar activities, sports fishing and recreational angling is still regarded as one of the biggest outdoor activities in the U.S.

Top-Rated Panama Saltwater Game Fish For Experienced Anglers

The Blue Marlin

For just about a century, the Blue Marlin has been associated with an emblem which represents the finesse and skills of anglers. Due to the speed, strength and the size of these fish, catching a Blue Marlin is seen as an impressive feat that is highly recognized in various fishing communities from all over the world. Typically, the majority of Blue Marlin is released once they have been caught. However, in a variety of countries, these fish are caught for culinary value.

The Sailfish

These fish are well-known for being incredibly fast which makes them a tough catch. They can swim to speeds of around 68 mph that allow them to jump to incredible heights. These factors make reeling a Sailfish challenging and anglers must be very aware of the actions of the fish to prevent the fish from escaping from their line. Out of all the varieties of Panama saltwater “gamefish”, this species is often tough to handle and often discourages the less experienced angler.

The Yellowfin Tuna

Very similar to the Sailfish, this species is also hard to catch. These fish swim at incredibly high speeds and are unbelievably strong. Hooking a Yellowfin Tuna has been compared to attaching to a torpedo related to how powerful and explosive this species can be. The Yellowfin Tuna are typically a favorite commercial fisherman choice associated with the culinary value they offer.


Saltwater fishing in Panama is the ideal method to catch a Roosterfish. The name of this fish is derived from the curved and long spines that feature on the top of their heads that look like a comb from a rooster. An interesting fact about this particular species is that they are only fished for sport and have no eating or cooking uses. For this reason, these fish are rarely kept and are typically released back into their natural environment. Their impressive sizes make catching a Roosterfish a significant accomplishment as this species easily grows to more than 110 pounds.


The Dorado is the type of fish that is advertised as the well-known “mahi-mahi”. This means “incredibly strong” in Hawaiian and is an indication on how hard this species is to catch. Dorado put up a substantial fight once they are hooked and often jump out the water to tremendous heights. This fish is favored for its taste and flavor. This has resulted in this fish being very popular commercially and is served in many high-class establishments around the world.

Saltwater sports fishing in Panama is a challenging and unique experience, and each of the above-mentioned gamefish are guaranteed to offer anglers and exciting and stimulating encounter. Many enthusiasts from across the globe visit Panama to take full advantage of these extraordinary opportunities. With fantastic locations for readily available fishing, the area should be capitalized upon in regards to reaping the benefits associated with sports fishing. Costa Rica is also a HUGE location for sport fishing, and you should checkout Sport Fishing Costa Rica to get an idea of the best spots to fish!

Tournament Fishing Havens In The Bahamas

From the months of April to June each year, anglers from all over come to the Bahamas to hook some of the top-rated and exclusive fish. These can include 500 and above pound Blue Marlin or Bonefish schools that are typically found swimming along the flats. Below are a few of the most abundant and tranquil fishing spots for sports fishing for anglers to consider.

Rum Cay

For anglers in search of a surefire spot that teems with various game fish, the water off the coast of Rum Cay is sure to deliver. Over and above the chances related to catching trophy fish, the biggest attraction to this area is the solitude. The surrounding waters and the actual island are incredibly quiet and peaceful, and the absence of the tourist bustle indeed translates into an undisturbed and exquisite fishing experience for the experienced and serious anglers.

Long Island

Various sport-fishing anglers’ travelers visit Long Island each year to visit the cliff-cragged northern side. Many of the Bahamas most superb game fish are known for frequenting these waters. Long Island offers anglers the opportunity to reel in Blue Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo and various other pelagics.

The Acklins

The turquoise shallows of the Acklins provide secluded and peaceful flats in the Bahamas. These shallow waters provide a significant untapped Bonefish fishery. This particular area is the best location for those anglers that are in search of the elusive and attractive silver-ghost. This area is also known for being a very popular place to fish for the well-known and exclusive Blue Marlin.