The Role Of Bicycles In Carbon Reduction

Environment around the world is degrading at a rapid pace. Land, air and water are becoming polluted because of extensive use of polluting and toxic materials. Toxic gases released from burning fossil fuels lead to heavy air pollution. People started realising the importance of protecting the environment and carbon reduction only a few decades back. A wide range of solutions have been suggested and being used for this purpose. Using bicycles for public transport has given good results in this endeavour. New technologies are being used to popularise the adoption of this transport mode.

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Why Use Bicycles?

A bicycle does not require any fuel to operate. This means there is no risk of polluting gases being released in the air. It has a small form factor compared to the cars, buses, trains and even motorcycles. With its lightweight structure and slim form, it offers high level of manoeuvrability. It takes up less space on the road and at the parking spots. Bicycles can be manufactured easily using only a few materials. Lots of bicycles can be transported in one large truck. A bicycle is an affordable product to buy for most people. There is no operating cost and the maintenance cost is negligible. A well-made cycle can last for years. It requires only occasional repair and maintenance services. All these advantages make bicycles the most environment friendly public transport system.

The Role of Rental Bikes in Increasing the Use of Bicycles

Rental bikes like "Boris bikes" have solved a big problem that people faced in using bicycles. It has allowed more and more people to ride bicycles without owning one. Earlier a person had to buy a bicycle to ride it, limiting its wider adoption and application. People cannot ride their bicycle because it cannot be carried everywhere they go or live. Rental bikes have solved this problem to a great extent. Now you can rent bikes in most major UK cities. Millions of rental bike rides are made every year across UK. It has saved the country lots of fuels and prevented the release of toxic gases into air. Another advantage of rental bikes is that it has reduced pressure on other public transport systems. You do not have to wait for the buses and trains. Just pick up a rental bike from the nearby docking station to reach your destination quickly.

Reducing Carbon Emission with the Help of Bike Transport System

The UK government has come up with many solutions including the dedicated cycle lanes on the busy roads to increase the use of bicycles in major cities. The number of vehicles coming on the roads is only going to increase as the population increases. Most people now live in cities and use fuel powered vehicles for transportation. The toxic gases released by these vehicles in the environment can be reduced significantly by the use of environment friendly transport options like bicycles.

Due to these advantages, bicycle as a public transport mode is being encouraged in various ways all across the UK. Walking and cycling are simple and most affordable options to reduce the carbon emission. The carbon footprint of a bicycle from its manufacturing till the time it is discarded is very low. It benefits community, economy and environment.