Pass The Test

August 10, 2022


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There are many products on the market designed to help people pass random urine drug tests at work or as part of a pre-employment offer. Some involve taking pills for several days before testing. Others involve using cleansing or detox shampoos for hair drug testing. The method selected will likely depend on the type of testing to be conducted. Obviously, a hair and scalp detox is of little use for a urine drug screen.

There are many kits and herbal products available to help pass a urine drug test. But, the only foolproof way to pass, is to use a clean urine sample. This is where dehydrated urine comes in. It comes ready to mix with water. Top dehydrated urine products come from the same urine samples used in labs for drug testing controls. So, you can be assured that when used properly, they will be clear of any drugs or banned substances.

There are a few key factors in properly using dehydrated urine for a drug test. First, they must be guaranteed free of drugs, from a reputable company. Second, the dehydrated products must be mixed with the right amount of liquid, so they are not too dilute and don’t raise suspicions. Some urine is naturally darker than others. But, it shouldn’t be so light that it looks almost clear. That is a sure sign the sample may not be yours.

So, aside from mixing with the right amount of water, you will want to keep the sample warm. Many testing facilities or testing officials check the temperature with a temperature strip on the collection cup. Keeping the dehydrated sample in a strong plastic bag inside your clothing or next to your body is a good way to help it reach the right temperature range. You will also want to make sure not to take the sample out until you’re in the privacy of the bathroom, with the door closed.

There are several brands of dehydrated urine products on the market, but some are better than others. You will want to avoid products from unknown sources. The best products available provide everything you need to use the sample and pass a urine drug test. Complete kits will come with enough urine (usually about 2 ounces), a temperature strip, heater, and strong IV bag for storing the urine sample. Heaters are only temporary and usually last for only about six hours. So, they work best if used the day of the testing.

There are many products that claim to help you pass a urine drug test, But, if they involved herbal cleansing solutions and similar processes, they can fail. In addition, there are some unwanted side effects of using some cleansing products. Today, many drug testing companies also look for the chemicals used to mask drugs in the urine, while they perform the testing. So, using such a product is probably not the best idea.

If your sample fails due to the presence of one of the masking or cleansing products, it is a dead giveaway that you have concerns about failing the test. You don’t want your current employer or a potential new employer to know what you do in your free time. You are guaranteed to lose your job or be passed over for a great job opportunity.

The nature of the urine drug test will likely determine the kind of kit you will buy. The frozen urine with a heating element is probably suitable for a single sample. But, many companies ask test takers to fill 2 cups. So, you will need to buy two frozen kits, to make sure you have enough urine. Dehydrated urine kits come with saline in the IV bag. You will simply add the dehydrated urine before your test and use the provided heater to get it to the right temperature. There are double kits with 2 IV bags of saline and two packages of dehydrated urine. These are designed for the urine drug tests that require filling two cups.

The top dehydrated urine products also come with a guarantee. Usually, the customer is required to send the unused portion of the sample, along with a positive test result, to the manufacturer. Legitimate companies are not likely to have any returns.