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August 10, 2022


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There are many products on the market designed to help people pass random urine drug tests at work or as part of a pre-employment offer. Some involve taking pills for several days before testing. Others involve using cleansing or detox shampoos for hair drug testing. The method selected will likely depend on the type of testing to be conducted. Obviously, a hair and scalp detox is of little use for a urine drug screen.

There are many kits and herbal products available to help pass a urine drug test. But, the only foolproof way to pass, is to use a clean urine sample. This is where dehydrated urine comes in. It comes ready to mix with water. Top dehydrated urine products come from the same urine samples used in labs for drug testing controls. So, you can be assured that when used properly, they will be clear of any drugs or banned substances.

There are a few key factors in properly using dehydrated urine for a drug test. First, they must be guaranteed free of drugs, from a reputable company. Second, the dehydrated products must be mixed with the right amount of liquid, so they are not too dilute and don’t raise suspicions. Some urine is naturally darker than others. But, it shouldn’t be so light that it looks almost clear. That is a sure sign the sample may not be yours.

So, aside from mixing with the right amount of water, you will want to keep the sample warm. Many testing facilities or testing officials check the temperature with a temperature strip on the collection cup. Keeping the dehydrated sample in a strong plastic bag inside your clothing or next to your body is a good way to help it reach the right temperature range. You will also want to make sure not to take the sample out until you’re in the privacy of the bathroom, with the door closed.

There are several brands of dehydrated urine products on the market, but some are better than others. You will want to avoid products from unknown sources. The best products available provide everything you need to use the sample and pass a urine drug test. Complete kits will come with enough urine (usually about 2 ounces), a temperature strip, heater, and strong IV bag for storing the urine sample. Heaters are only temporary and usually last for only about six hours. So, they work best if used the day of the testing.

There are many products that claim to help you pass a urine drug test, But, if they involved herbal cleansing solutions and similar processes, they can fail. In addition, there are some unwanted side effects of using some cleansing products. Today, many drug testing companies also look for the chemicals used to mask drugs in the urine, while they perform the testing. So, using such a product is probably not the best idea.

If your sample fails due to the presence of one of the masking or cleansing products, it is a dead giveaway that you have concerns about failing the test. You don’t want your current employer or a potential new employer to know what you do in your free time. You are guaranteed to lose your job or be passed over for a great job opportunity.

The nature of the urine drug test will likely determine the kind of kit you will buy. The frozen urine with a heating element is probably suitable for a single sample. But, many companies ask test takers to fill 2 cups. So, you will need to buy two frozen kits, to make sure you have enough urine. Dehydrated urine kits come with saline in the IV bag. You will simply add the dehydrated urine before your test and use the provided heater to get it to the right temperature. There are double kits with 2 IV bags of saline and two packages of dehydrated urine. These are designed for the urine drug tests that require filling two cups.

The top dehydrated urine products also come with a guarantee. Usually, the customer is required to send the unused portion of the sample, along with a positive test result, to the manufacturer. Legitimate companies are not likely to have any returns.

Good Reasons

August 10, 2022


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Are you head of marketing, promoting a large company in Philadelphia? Do you run a small but growing coffee shop near the Kimmel Center? Perhaps your organization wants to highlight the plight of the homeless in Philadelphia and only Philly SEO experts have what it takes to bring your vision to fruition.

What Is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, gets companies, charities, and other agencies seen on the internet. Clients use the web to find things. A search engine, like Google or Bing, goes in search of items relating to terms like “Philly Coffee Shop” or “Homeless, Pennsylvania” and lists results. The items are listed in order of their relevance and ranking by the search engine. Optimizing your chances of being number one or at least on the first page is what SEO is all about.

Why SEO Philly?

What does it matter if your company runs SEO services from Philadelphia or Pittsburgh? The company is still based within the state. Wilmington, Delaware is actually closer, though; would that do? In some instances, local SEO doesn’t make any difference, but clients seeking to optimize their presence on the internet have learned the value of a team that knows the area where they live and where most of their customers come from.

Appealing to the Locals

Using local talent, buying goods from stores in your town, and even purchasing goods made within the state: those are becoming major trends. They can’t be ignored. Consumers are trying to reduce the unemployment and the environmental impact of imported purchases and exotic goods by relying on what is made and grown closer to home. It doesn’t always work, but when much of a community shares the same attitude, this can mean big things for responsible organizations.

Where the needs of vulnerable groups are concerned, only those closest to home really know the meaningfulness of a topic; of concerns that many people in Philadelphia face. Either they are needy, or they know someone who is; a child requiring pediatric support or someone suffering from mental illness.

Local SEO knows how to reach the public that matters to their clients. International businesses reaching a global audience still benefit from local services, but home-grown industry and enterprise understand its importance best.

What Can Philadelphia SEO Do for Your Company?

What is the job of a Search Engine Optimization expert anyway? How does a professional get people to position #1 of a search? He starts with keywords, and one of those keywords might be “Philadelphia” or just “Philly” as the city is affectionately known by the people who call Philadelphia “home.”

Keyword Search

Keywords are the words which clients use to search for something. They are also phrases or short sentences, usually incomplete sentences, which only feature the main words: “Philadelphia Veterinarian” or “Day Care Services Philly.” An expert uses analytical tools to determine which words are being used most frequently for the time being; they change regularly and there is usually a list of common choices. No single set of keywords or phrases is enough to suit all searches. Local companies recommend using the city name in keywords so that specific searches in that area will lead to a business. A search engine won’t omit a particular city’s results from a search for “women’s watches” or “water color paintings for sale” if the rest of the search terms are met, but if a search is specified, results without the correct city name turn up much later in results; maybe page 27.

Keyword Placement

The words an SEO professional discovers have to be placed somewhere, in what the industry knows as “content.” Anything that contains these words is content including picture captions, social media posts, blog writings, and product descriptions from internet shopping catalogs. Someone within a business or organization is usually qualified to write this content, but if not, a professional can be hired to do it and to continue adding content regularly. On-site writers might instead benefit from training as to how they make the most of the writings pertaining to their business and leading readers to their website and services or products.

Social Media Mania

It is possible to make too much of social media, and many people do. They use it to replace real friends and society. Businesses, however, must make the most of this tool. It is a way of creating original content. Search engines are counting how many times they encounter a company’s keywords and business name on the internet. Every original item counts as one “hit” while duplicates actually hurt ratings. In order to find ways of naturally increasing content for engines to find, businesses have to spread out and use Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube. They increase their content by writing little blurbs or responding to what followers say on these pages. A caption, promotion, or conversation can become an opportunity to insert keywords.

Relationships Online

Companies make good use of backlinks to increase their exposure as well. More people find you if your website is listed in other places besides your own advertising. When other firms can be encouraged to post your link, and you do the same in return, search engines find more “hits, ” and this increases the chances of being found by accident too. Related businesses improve each other’s chances of discovery when they make this exchange. For instance, a book store could advertise a link for someone offering book restoration services. The latter individual would advertise this book store on his website. If the book restorer was advertised on a page selling infant formula, both firms would lose points for the randomness of this connection. Software helps SEO professionals locate all the backlinks associated with a company so this client can remove some if they are featured on penalized sites.

SEO Professionals

Call a professional in Philly, for example:, and this person can do all of the above and more. Gain insight and learn to do much of the work yourself in order to save money. Hire an expert, increase exposure, and improve the amount of traffic on your site. This will eventually turn into bigger profits or more donations to your charity.


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Taking music education comes with a number of advantages to the students. The following are some of the benefits you would gather from taking these lessons. It doesn’t matter if it’s guitar, piano or drum lessons.

First, early training in music helps an individual to enhance development of the brain region that is involved in reasoning and language. It is believed that the human brains continue growing several years after birth. Further studies have revealed that musical training does assist to hone the development of the left part of the brain responsible for processing language. In fact, it helps to wire the mind in a certain beneficial way. Connecting a familiar song to fresh information is also advantageous in imprinting new content in the young minds.

Second, there is a link between spatial intelligence (capability of perceiving the world logically and creating mental pictures) and music. This wisdom of being able to visualize different elements that should accompany each other is essential for solving common problems like an advanced mathematics problem or packing a book-bag containing all the things you will need during the day.

Third, the students specializing in art are able to solve problems and think creatively through visualizing solutions through refraining from old-fashioned concepts and assumptions. The art questions are dynamic hence can have more than a single answer.

Fourth, studies conducted previously indicated that art students are usually more successful in tests like SAT. Besides, they get higher scores in high school.

Fifth, music is a kind an art that helps the students to learn about other cultures and respect them. The education also emphasizes that the students should be empathetic to the people of other traditions. This development of empathy and compassion suppresses development of egocentric and greedy attitude that in turn acts like a bridge across the gulch that leads to mutual respect for people of other races at a tender age. We think this is especially true for the drums, which is one of our favorite instruments.

Sixth, the students of music are involved in learning craftsmanship when they are learning how to bring the details together meticulously and understanding their constituents, instead of the mediocre work. When these standards are applied to the student’s individual work, it calls for another level of work that requires another excellence level. The students are also obligated to stretch their inborn resources.

Seventh, a small mistake can make a big difference when it comes to making music. Check whether the instruments are in tune, the notes are well played or the entrance is appropriate. A successful performance can only be acquired through unrelenting effort to acquire excellence and compact gains from hard work.

Eighth, music education encourages development of discipline and teamwork skills. To have an orchestra that is sounding perfectly, all the members of the group are supposed to work in tandem to achieve a particular performance goal. In addition, all the members require being committed in attending rehearsals, training, and mastering music.

Ninth, music provides kids with a platform for self-expression. Since there is now basic security in existence, the difficulty comes in making the life worth living and advancing to the higher stages of the development. Everyone requires being in touch with the essential things in their lives – what they feel; as well as, what they are. The self-esteem is usually a by-product of the self-expression.

Tenth, Music education helps to hone essential skills needed at many workplaces. The studies focus on doing, instead of observing like many subjects do. It also trains students on how to perform almost anywhere across the globe. There are several employers looking for versatile employees with supple skills intellects common with the music students. The learners do also learn how to communicate effectively with others in the classroom as well as participate in team work.

Eleven, the art of performing music is an efficient platform that helps the students in taking risks and conquering their fear. Having a little anxiety is normal, and it will often arise once in a while in the life an individual. Combating with it early in life is crucial to make it less of a problem afterwards in life. On the other hand, the guts for taking risks are important if the child is to develop to their full potential later in his or her life. Besides, the art of music is crucial in encouraging development of positive mental health. It can help to alleviate development of certain harmful habits like teenage substance abuse.

Last, music education helps students to become independent, innovative and self-leaders. Since kids are given an opportunity to interact with people from all backgrounds, they are normally able to relate well with almost everyone, including strangers.

Rock It

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It’s about time to open the Surf Rock Music Shop, and we hope you’ll join in. While we fill the shelves, we do want you to feel at home with us. So, here’s a very cool oldie by The Lively Ones, called “Surf Rider,” which you may have heard playing at the end of Pulp Fiction if you’ve ever seen that flick. If nothing else, you can tap your foot to the tune while you wait for us to open


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Regardless of the competition present from video games along with increased urbanization and other similar activities, sports fishing and recreational angling is still regarded as one of the biggest outdoor activities in the U.S.

Top-Rated Panama Saltwater Game Fish For Experienced Anglers

The Blue Marlin

For just about a century, the Blue Marlin has been associated with an emblem which represents the finesse and skills of anglers. Due to the speed, strength and the size of these fish, catching a Blue Marlin is seen as an impressive feat that is highly recognized in various fishing communities from all over the world. Typically, the majority of Blue Marlin is released once they have been caught. However, in a variety of countries, these fish are caught for culinary value.

The Sailfish

These fish are well-known for being incredibly fast which makes them a tough catch. They can swim to speeds of around 68 mph that allow them to jump to incredible heights. These factors make reeling a Sailfish challenging and anglers must be very aware of the actions of the fish to prevent the fish from escaping from their line. Out of all the varieties of Panama saltwater “gamefish”, this species is often tough to handle and often discourages the less experienced angler.

The Yellowfin Tuna

Very similar to the Sailfish, this species is also hard to catch. These fish swim at incredibly high speeds and are unbelievably strong. Hooking a Yellowfin Tuna has been compared to attaching to a torpedo related to how powerful and explosive this species can be. The Yellowfin Tuna are typically a favorite commercial fisherman choice associated with the culinary value they offer.


Saltwater fishing in Panama is the ideal method to catch a Roosterfish. The name of this fish is derived from the curved and long spines that feature on the top of their heads that look like a comb from a rooster. An interesting fact about this particular species is that they are only fished for sport and have no eating or cooking uses. For this reason, these fish are rarely kept and are typically released back into their natural environment. Their impressive sizes make catching a Roosterfish a significant accomplishment as this species easily grows to more than 110 pounds.


The Dorado is the type of fish that is advertised as the well-known “mahi-mahi”. This means “incredibly strong” in Hawaiian and is an indication on how hard this species is to catch. Dorado put up a substantial fight once they are hooked and often jump out the water to tremendous heights. This fish is favored for its taste and flavor. This has resulted in this fish being very popular commercially and is served in many high-class establishments around the world.

Saltwater sports fishing in Panama is a challenging and unique experience, and each of the above-mentioned gamefish are guaranteed to offer anglers and exciting and stimulating encounter. Many enthusiasts from across the globe visit Panama to take full advantage of these extraordinary opportunities. With fantastic locations for readily available fishing, the area should be capitalized upon in regards to reaping the benefits associated with sports fishing. Costa Rica is also a HUGE location for sport fishing, and you should checkout Sport Fishing Costa Rica to get an idea of the best spots to fish!

Tournament Fishing Havens In The Bahamas

From the months of April to June each year, anglers from all over come to the Bahamas to hook some of the top-rated and exclusive fish. These can include 500 and above pound Blue Marlin or Bonefish schools that are typically found swimming along the flats. Below are a few of the most abundant and tranquil fishing spots for sports fishing for anglers to consider.

Rum Cay

For anglers in search of a surefire spot that teems with various game fish, the water off the coast of Rum Cay is sure to deliver. Over and above the chances related to catching trophy fish, the biggest attraction to this area is the solitude. The surrounding waters and the actual island are incredibly quiet and peaceful, and the absence of the tourist bustle indeed translates into an undisturbed and exquisite fishing experience for the experienced and serious anglers.

Long Island

Various sport-fishing anglers’ travelers visit Long Island each year to visit the cliff-cragged northern side. Many of the Bahamas most superb game fish are known for frequenting these waters. Long Island offers anglers the opportunity to reel in Blue Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo and various other pelagics.

The Acklins

The turquoise shallows of the Acklins provide secluded and peaceful flats in the Bahamas. These shallow waters provide a significant untapped Bonefish fishery. This particular area is the best location for those anglers that are in search of the elusive and attractive silver-ghost. This area is also known for being a very popular place to fish for the well-known and exclusive Blue Marlin.

Let’s Talk Finance at Bruin Bike Share

July 22, 2022


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Do you cower in fear when discussions about personal finance arise? If so, turn to us at Bruin Bike Share. We’re going to be changing the way we approach this, and other sensitive topics in the pages and posts to come.

There are times that the very thought of discussing such things with others can make us want to simply crawl back in bed and hope for better days to come. But, ignoring our money woes will never help the situation. Instead, let’s face them head on, and let’s face them together.

There ARE solutions. It’s our aim to provide resources to help you find them. Feel any better? If so, great! Let’s move forward!